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Ceremonial sonic paintings and portals into the imaginary
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Sildenafil PubChem Mass - Dividenthal and Aumgn

Dividenthal and Aumgn
Sildenafil PubChem Mass

Cat No. ZEIT4
Price: £8
Limited to 150 hand numbered copies
Released: February 2019

Sildenafil PubChem Mass is the fourth release on Zeit and continues the exploration of Hypnogogic oscilatory phenomena with an albums worth of dreamscapes and pulsating vortex textures for the modern age.Synthetic songs for sonic submariners and dreamers alike

Primordial Innocence - Dividenthal and Aumgn

Dividenthal and Aumgn
Primordial Innocence

Cat No. ZEIT3
Price: £8
Limited to 150 hand numbered copies
Released: November 2018

Primordial innocence in music, which sets sound apart from the untamed drones that roam the forests, resides somewhere deep within sound,and will continue to do so until sounds last breath. We can bring out this undying innocence within us,perhaps we'll chance upon it in a moment of unrealised happiness, which catches us unawares and brings out an uncontrollable smile to our ears...Or maybe not!!

Strawberry Ergotamine - Dividenthal and Aumgn

Dividenthal and Aumgn
Strawberry Ergotamine

Sold Out
Cat No. ZEIT2
Price: £13
Limited to 150 CDs
Released: August 2018

Strawberry Ergotamine is the second album from Dividenthal and Aumgn who are also known as Lee Norris and Matt Hillier and also known as Nacht Plank and Ishq to their parents.

Strawberry Ergotamine catches us in the moment of time lost.Sweet melodies stretching shadows over a canvas of hissing machinery.Like an ice cream van playing it's sonic delights backwards and serving a cone full of rainbow coloured strawberry kraut iced delights. Have a taste of Strawberry Ergotamine...

3-Methylmorphine Melt - Dividenthal and Aumgn

Dividenthal and Aumgn
3-Methylmorphine Melt

Sold Out
Cat No. ZEIT1
Price: £22
Limited to 150 2xCDs
Released: May 2018

Pure vintage analogue circuitry under the spontaneous control of Dividenthal and Aumgn,recorded live to tape,a moment in time,pure analogue circuitry and sound exploration.

The essence of these sonic explorations is Mood ,a subjective and personal thing,these works are not about content and clever music production but evocative mood,pure tone and conjuration of place,memory,moment,past and future.

Ceremonial sonic paintings and portals into the imaginary.